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About Patent Administrative Services, India (PASI)

PASI is the Professional Training Institute and Law Firm for Patent Attorneys. PASI is the professional institute for Patent experts, Students, Patent Attorneys, Lawyers and Inventors. PASI offers in depth knowledge of patent filing, drafting Searching and patent litigations to make experts in Patent law and Practice. PASI also deals with Trademark, Design, Copyright, Traditional Knowledge and Geographical Indication (GI) registration.


Vision of institute is to disseminate the knowledge of IP system of India to one and all. To accomplish the vision we are giving the state of the art education and knowledge through various online tools of distance learning (Webinar, Online Meeting and face to face interface) and classroom training. (Contact Hours)

PASI is the professional institute caters the IP knowledge amongst the stakeholders scattered across the world. (US, EU and Japan etc.)Main objective of the institute is to give in depth knowledge through online tools of distance learning (Webinar, Online Coaching, Videos and Google classroom) and classroom training. (Contact Hours) After the implementation of product patent regime in India from 2005, the scenario of patent filing has been changed significantly.

Now both process and product patents are granted in the area of medicine chemicals and foods. There is need of time to every science and technology field to protect their Intellectual Property (IP) activities to which they need specialized professionals like patent administrator, patent expert, patent consultant and patent attorney. Aim to provide in depth knowledge of Intellectual Property (IP) to every professional to bridge the gap between the technical and legal aspects of innovations and inventions.

We, the team of PASI entitled to serve the domain knowledge, consultation and guidance to obtain patents of various technical fields through filing, drafting the specification and administration of various IP rights under the Act. PASI trains professionals through its Active Teaching Learning Mechanism to be competent scholars in the field of IP, also teach the technical students to become a registered Patent Agent.

As India is signatory to WTO and TRIPS agreement, implemented the product patent regime from 1st January 2005, so meet the requirement of patent and or IP experts/attorneys increasing day by day with good job prospectus. Protection of ideas that leads to creation and innovation must be safeguarded through the respective countries patent laws. India implemented TRIPS compliant laws to safeguard the interest of people of the country.

The institute is established in 2019 by professional team which is technically and legally sound to consult regarding Indian and international IP System. The aim of institute is to provide the legal meets and bounds towards inventions and innovations as the inventors seek the legal knowledge to administer their inventions. Advancement of Indian Industry leads to enhance the patent filing rate since last decade at IP offices along with international PCT filling.

Pharmaceutical, chemical and engineering are major sectors at patent filing to various patent offices. It is great opportunity for pharmacy graduate to gain the IP knowledge to work as registered patent agent at various pharmaceutical industries. Pharmaceutical industry is the second largest sector to file PCT applications. Any degree holder from science, pharmacy, engineering and technology is eligible to appear to Patent Agent Examination, conducted by ministry of commerce and Industry, Govt. of India. After successfully passed the examination and registration, one may eligible to practice as registered patent agent, in India as per Indian patent act 1970.

In India as per the provisions of Indian Patent act 1970, only registered patent agent can practice as a patent attorney. There is vast demand of IP professionals to every industry and entrepreneurs to safeguard their IPR activities. Considering all these aspects we are here to offer specialized courses on Patent law education and practice from science and technology background.

Why Us?

There would be a professional teaching and training to the students who appear for Patent agent examination. The period of course will be of 6 month (Certificate Course) or 3 month (Crash Curse), covers distance learning mode through online tools (Webinar, Online Coaching, Videos and Google classroom ) and classroom training (Contact Hours), by devoted and dedicated professionals like advocates, patent attorneys and technical experts from engineering and pharmacy field.