Our Team


Our Team

The team comprises of techno-legal experts and registered patent Agents from technical fields like pharmacy, engineering, science and lawyers fully devoted to train and teach the students.

Social Appearance

  • Team member is registered as Patent and Trademark Facilitator under the “Scheme for Facilitating Start Ups Intellectual Property Protection” (SIPP) on behalf Govt. of India through Indian Patent Office (IPO).
  • The IP filing of patent, design and trademark registration for startups will be done without professional fees by PASI
  • All budding innovators will be encouraged and consulted to protect their IP at free of charge.
  • Social awareness seminars on IP are conducted at various institute

PASI Team at a Glance

  • Team member is registered Patent Agent
  • Team member is registered Patent Facilitator
  • Team member attended WIPO selected and sponsored Master of Laws (L.L.M.) program in IPR at Universityof Turin, Italy and Head Quarter, Geneva, Switzerland.
  • Team member attended Training “JPO/IPR Training for IP trainers” at Tokyo, Japan. Also visited Japan Patent Office (2018)
  • Team member nominated for “JPO/IPR Training for IP Lawyers” at Tokyo, Japan
  • Team members successfully completed WIPO advance courses on Patent, trademarks and copy rights
  • Team member completed the course on Advance Course on “Turin affiliate course of the Harvard Law School CopyrightX”
  • WIPO advance course on “Promoting Access to Medical Technologies and Innovation - WHO, WIPO, WTO Executive Course on the intersections between public health, intellectual property and trade”
  • Team member is technical advisor on IP to foreign countries
  • Team member is Lifetime member of IP friend network